Integrated Services

Yield Prophet integrates with data collection services and soil probes to make your life easier. If there is a data service not listed that you would like to see integrated with Yield Prophet, please let us know!

Data collection services


SoilMate streamlines your soil sampling by organising the sampling and labwork for you and providing the results online. Connecting your SoilMate account to Yield Prophet will provide a one-click service for you to import soil sample results for your Yield Prophet paddocks.

Crop Manager

Crop Manager allows you to enter your rainfall via your iPhone while you're in the paddock. Connecting your Crop Manager account to Yield Prophet allows you to use a Crop Manager rain gauge as your Yield Prophet rainfall data source, for use in all Yield Prophet reports.

Data Farmer

Data Farmer is an initiative of the Birchip Cropping Group, which seeks to centralise data collection and provide ways of using that data in 3rd party applications. Connecting your Data Farmer account to Yield Prophet will provide weather data directly from your compliant weather station to Yield Prophet.

Goanna Telemetry Systems

Goanna Telemetry Systems develop sensing equipment for agricultural applications. If you have a Goanna account, you can connect it to Yield Prophet to use your weather stations as paddock weather sources.


Observant provide cloud based telemetry and access to agricultural sensors. You can connect your Observant account to Yield Prophet to use your Observant weather stations.


agX® is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for the agricultural industry that provides the necessary geospatial infrastructure for a community of integrated precision ag products and services.

Soil Probes

Yield Prophet integrates with many types of soil probes. Soil probes use different telemetry companies to transfer the data to their central repository, and we integrate to any probe that uses an Adcon or Outpost telemetry system (this isn't always the brand written on the probe though!). If you'd like some help in figuring out the telemetry system that your probe uses, please contact us!