New features and bug fixes for June

by Julie McClelland

Posted on July 1, 2016 at 03:57 PM


We’ve made updates to the Yield Prophet website. Below are some tips to help you navigate the new changes.


Canola Growth Stages:

You can view growth stage predictions either in the Crop Report or on the ViewPaddock ViewPaddock screens.

 crop report canola

view report canola

Shortcut to the Latest Crop Report:

In ViewPaddock ViewPaddock, the green sidebar now has a quick link to the latest report generated for your selected paddock. It will list an Autoreport if that is the latest crop report generated.

 latest crop report

Automated Reports:

You can check or uncheck the box at the top of Reports Page to to ‘Show automated reports’ in the list of reports.  This is unchecked by default.  If the box is checked, autoreports show up in the list as ‘Automated (Crop)’ report.  

 auto report

auto report on

Deleting Reports:

Enter the Report Page and click the X in the corner of the report you wish to delete.

 deleting report


In ViewPaddock ViewPaddock you are able to Tweet your Yield Prediction graph and generate discussion with your online community.

Make sure you select the graph icon graph icon in the Yield Prediction box then click the Twitter icon twitter.

 twitter pic


Every user in the system has been assigned a default timezone based on the state in their address. You are able to update this field in the General Settings page.