Make better decisions with Yield Prophet

Yield Prophet is an agricultural decision-support tool that can help you achieve more from your land and limited resources (like rainfall).

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Empower your decisions

Yield Prophet is powered by the revolutionary APSIM model developed by the CSIRO and the APSIM Initiative to help validate key decisions made in farm operation.

Integrate with farm tech

Modern agriculture is full of independent devices that can give you critical data about the conditions on your farm. Yield Prophet collates all of this information in a single place for ease of use.

Something for everyone

Yield Prophet can be used by both agronomic consultants and farmers, together or independently. Run scenarios for key decisions and communicate them with ease.

What can Yield Prophet do for me?


  • Time your sowing to minimize frost and heat risk
  • Choose the best variety for your conditions


  • Make money or save it by matching nitrogen applications to your crop's demands
  • Predict key growth stages to help you plan
  • Know when your crop is N- or water-stressed


  • Predict your likely yields to help you make key decisions and plan your harvest
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