New features and bug fixes for April

by Stephen van Rees

Posted on May 2, 2016 at 10:59 AM

In the month since launching the new Yield Prophet website, we've been hard at work listening to your feedback and working on changes and bug fixes.  Here's a list of some of the changes that we've made in the past month.



- The dashboard now shows more detail about your paddock's setup status, so that you know which parts of YP setup have been completed and which you still need to do.

- The "Remember me" function in the login panel now remembers you

- The "Logout" button now logs you out

- When there's a new blog post, we'll notify you with a "NEW" icon on the "Blog" menu at the top of the screen.  Clicking on the "Blog" section of the site will make this notification disappear.

- iPad styling is gradually happening 

- ReadOnly users work correctly again

- Icons in the address bar now work

- The dashboard should work better on iPads and smaller screens, although we’re still working on fine-tuning the layout.  

- The YP blog has links in both the signed-in and not signed-in parts of the site, so you can always read the latest YP news!  We’ve also fixed a number of bugs in the blog including making the font size larger so that it’s easier to read.


Paddock View and Setup pages

- You can now quickly switch between paddocks (and growers, if you're a consultant), on the view and setup paddock pages.  Use the new dropdown arrows next to the Paddock Name and Grower Name fields at the top of these pages.  This should make it easier to enter soil sample or sowing details for multiple paddocks in a row.

- Irrigated paddocks have a new box on the View Paddock page which reminds you of all irrigations applied to this paddock, and contains quick-add buttons to add new Irrigation applications.  Reminder that there's a checkbox on the Crop Setup page that allows you to say that your paddock is an irrigated paddock.

- Peanut paddocks are set as irrigated paddocks by default

- Graphs now redraw correctly when the browser window resizes

- We now display GS32 instead of GS30 for wheat and barley paddocks on the growth stage prediction list as this is generally a more accurate prediction

- You can double-click on an APSoil in the soil setup page to see more information about it once again

- You can import soil samples by template once again

- When setting up a new paddock, selecting your paddock's location in the map will automatically select the closest weather station for you

- When setting up a new paddock, you can use the map to select your weather station by clicking on the weather station and hitting the "Select" button

- You can now type in GPS coordinates for your paddock's location as well as selecting from the map

- We're only asking you if you applied N at sowing once now, instead of every time you view the Crop Setup page!

- Once you finish setting up a paddock, we now automatically kick off a Crop Report for you.  The View Paddock page uses the Crop Report data to populate the information, so once this is complete, we can display the fancy new interactive page.  It should take under 5 minutes to come back with a report (unless there are a lot of other people running reports at the same time).

- The Yield Prediction graph now allows you to hover over any point on the graph to see the exact values for each yield line at that percentile, in the top right-hand corner of the graph.  We’ll add this to the crop report soon!

- The Yield Prediction graph correctly uses the Yield Scale value as the maximum - you can set this through the General Settings page under the Settings menu if you want to edit your value.  We’ve also added some help text under a (?) to explain the difference between the lines on the graph.

- You can switch between the line and the bar versions of the Yield Prediction graph via the buttons at the top of the graph. If you change between them, YP will now remember the last graph you looked at as your preference. 

- You can currently see growth stage predictions for wheat and barley crops on the view paddock pages - we’re now showing predictions for the next few growth stages, plus GS30/End of tillering and GS65/Mid-flowering based on consultant recommendations.  Canola growth stage predictions are coming soon.

- We’re showing quick-add buttons on this page to add manual rainfall to a paddock for paddocks where manual entry is set as the rainfall source.  These are visible at the top of the Rainfall graph.  

- At the very bottom of the page we are now showing the date of the crop report (or automated crop report) that the page is generated from.  There’s a link to kick off a new report there too if you want up-to-the-minute information - it should take under 5 minutes to come back with a new report (unless there are a lot of other people running reports at the same time).

- There’s now a checkbox on the Crop Setup page that allows you to say whether a paddock is irrigated or not.  If it’s checked, you’ll see buttons to quick-add irrigation applications on your paddock pages.  

- We’re now showing the starting water values from your soil test overlaid on the selected soil’s graph on the overall Paddock Setup page.  

- Up/down/left/right arrows now work in the soil sample entry table on the Soil Setup page.

- Crop Manager integration is working again

- Soil PAW graph has been fixed to more accurately display deficits in SW



- Reports can now be downloaded as PDFs through the button on the top-right-hand corner of each report

- Current dry matter value in the Hay Yield section of the Crop Report is now populated

- Fixed a bug that stopped certain reports (including Sowing Opportunity and Sowing x Variety) from generating when the paddock's name started with a number.

- Crop reports now look good on all sizes of screen (including mobile phones).  Other reports coming soon!

- In the Reports part of the site, you can now select different report types from the selector at the top of the page to help you find the report you’re looking for faster - so you can see only Crop reports, or only Nitrogen Comparison reports, for example.

- The Sowing Opportunity Report should both look better, and pre-populate data for you to make your life a bit easier.


Subscribing new paddocks

- Fixed an issue where sometimes we couldn't work out how much your paddocks would cost and would be forever "Calculating"

- We've added a confirmation dialog when you are subscribing paddocks, to help avoid accidental subscriptions - this will tell you how many new paddocks you're subscribing, and which growing season you're subscribing them to (Winter or Summer)

- Fixed an issue where adding a new paddock would sometimes re-select previously de-selected paddocks in the list.  We think this was causing some accidental paddock subscriptions.


As always, if you have any questions or comments about Yield Prophet or the new website, please let us know via the Online Help Form at the bottom of every page, or by contacting us by phone or email.